Weapons of Mass Creation

Facilitation and Organisational Development

A facilitator enables groups to do their best thinking, clearing the path to breakthroughs and agreements usually obscured by groups norms, power dynamics, biases and self-censorship. I provide facilitation of project framing, strategy, stakeholder engagement and decision making workshops. My super-speciality is weaving nature into strategy development.

Treehouse Bodywork

Our wellbeing is essential to being able to align with and fulfil our purpose in this lifetime and serve the whole. I provide Thai bodywork, shamanic healing, yoga, meditation, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) and Ayurvedic services. 

Way of Nature WA

As a certified guide with Way of Nature International, I offer nature retreats that offer transformational, soul-nourishing, path-aligning, deeply restorative immersions. The core programs could be described as modern-day vision quests, essentially spiritual cultivation in wild nature, acknowledging nature as the greatest teacher we’ll ever need. Work that is deeply needed in this time of separation from self, other and spirit and all the destruction that wreaks on the planet. 

Upcoming Events

2020 public events currently in formulation.



"This is the kind of learning that does not just happen with your head, but with all of your being in connection to the world around you."

about Claire

"We can only shine when we realise our true nature as a connected being and are aligned with our purpose as a player on the team of life."

Why Weapons of Mass Creation? Because I love seeing people’s eyes bright and clear when they are being themselves, connected and aligned with the rest of life. We can only shine when we realise our true nature as a connected being and are aligned with our purpose as a player on the team of life.

I have a background in health and worked as an Occupational Therapist and in health promotion. I found myself focussing on behaviour change, positive psychology and the social determinants of health; discovering that I love working out what makes people and communities tick and utilising that for positive change.

  • Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion
  • BSc (Occupational Therapy and Business Administration) with Honours
  • Nature Quest Guide with Way of Nature
  • 200hr Holistic Yoga Therapy and Bodywork with Thaivedic
  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Training with School Yoga Institute
  • Shamanic Practitioner training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Guide and Facilitator


Yoga Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner


Last year I had the pleasure of joining Claire Vanderplank on a quest. The insights continue to unfold, and my connection to nature/myself has deepened.  It was such a magical experience that I will forever treasure. Claire facilitates beautifully, holding space to a fine balance;  just enough to facilitate your own brave growth & deep immersion into the mystery.


Thanks Claire! I had a great time – it was really calming but also really thought provoking. As a deep thinker I really like that! Also fantastic meeting great people! I think I’ve been having more moments of ‘presence’ since Saturday which is good too.


I really enjoyed Wednesday thank you so much. I’m becoming more aware of my habits now and remembering to put the “but” after any negative thoughts.


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