What Weapons of Mass Creation Does

I work with those who are stewarding a part of the transition to a future in harmony with our humanity and the planet, providing a comprehensive range of services based on my diverse experience across a range of sectors and roles including infrastructure, health, transport, energy, social enterprise, stakeholder engagement, policy, healing work, nature connection guiding and awareness training.

My special ingredient is the time I have spent in initiatory processes and extended periods alone in nature, which has greatly deepened my understanding of living systems principles and fundamental truth (aka ‘what the hell is actually going on with the crazy thing we call life’). I apply this experiential knowledge into my training, mentoring and speaking offerings.

I facilitate strategic planning, project planning, innovation and design-thinking processes, stakeholder engagement and decision-making workshops. I also offer nature-based immersions and training in resilience and practical application of nature connection and awareness cultivation.

I am interested in the collective shift from a worldview of separation to a worldview of interbeing, how that change is occurring and supporting the integration into our collective systems. I believe the key to this great transition humanity is going through is to restore ecological integrity both within ourselves and in our relationships with all of life.

Contact me to obtain a pdf overview of my training and speaking packages or to discuss how my facilitation or mentoring services may assist you.

The Vision

The Vision is of a world where humans model ourselves as Nature itself and so constantly seek to move towards more balance and harmony. Where we realise our unique gifts as individuals and as humans collectively. Where we know that we belong here on Earth as an essential part of life itself, here to give our gifts to the each other and the rest of life in a creative expression of love, joy and beauty. This becomes our sacred anchor, always guiding us back to truth and giving us courage to face our shadows. 

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