Healing is an inherent part of the process of becoming a ‘weapon of mass creation.’

I started my professional life as an Occupational Therapist, but left that career thinking that my way to create change wasn’t through working with people one to one; I had realised I was a systems thinker and thought I was meant to work on the big picture instead. Turns out, it’s a little from column A, a little from column B. After getting into the Way of Nature work the fundamental importance of healing became clear and I went on to study yoga, bodywork, Ayurveda, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage) and shamanic healing.

The Way of Nature experiences taught me that the process of getting into a deeper state of connection is completely inseparable to healing (actually, getting hit by the truck was the first big lesson in this, but it took that first Sacred Passage for me to understand). And it can’t be avoided. If you are designing a truly transformational process for your employees, for example, as they get closer to truth (or Source), whatever they are usually holding within themselves that prevents them from normally experiencing this deeper state of connection is going to come up to be healed. 

Now that doesn’t mean that you need to be explicitly making the program about healing, but it does mean that you need to consider how the container that you build is going to safely hold that which will inevitably turn up. I love collaborating with clients who sees their people as whole humans. 

Healing is also an essential part of any transformational intervention if you are of the belief that HOW you do business is crucial to success, helping them get their own crap out of the way so they can act in more integrity.

On the big picture scale, healing trauma absolutely cannot be left out of the conversation about how to avoid civilisational collapse because the behaviours which are pushing us over the edge are driven by trauma. That’s another huge topic which I get more into it in my Weapons of Mass Creation talk.

treehouse bodywork

Treehouse Bodywork is the name I use for the healing services I make available at my home ‘treehouse’ studio. I provide a truly holistic health service, addressing the many ‘bodies’ that make up the human being; mind, body, emotion and spirit. My intent is to help people who wish to feel truly alive and contributing to life on earth through supporting their journey to vibrancy and wholeness. You can find Treehouse Bodywork on Facebook.

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