Working with you or your organisation

Find out more

Please get in touch to obtain more information on specific workshops and other services, or to discuss your specific needs and how my services can enhance your work. 

Especially with facilitation, I find sitting down with clients helps them get much clearer on what it is they are trying to do with their stakeholders in a workshop, and how that fits in with the larger project context, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Travel policy

If travel outside of Perth is involved, I require 50% fee payment in order to secure those dates. Travel booking costs such as airfares are to be reimbursed on receipt of invoice.

Host me in your community

Sometimes people really love the idea of having me come to them to hold a Nature Quest or similar for their community. I am happy to help step you through logistics and what is required in terms of venues for this work, but here a few things to consider right from the beginning:

  • Finding the right venue for any program where people spend a night or more in solitude (i.e. Nature Quests), can be tricky. It requires that participants have guaranteed solitude in relatively wild nature, in spots that are both accessible by foot and have some flattish areas for pitching tents, and also out of view from other participants or human activity.
  • I ask that venues are secured 6 months in advance of suggested program dates.
  • I ask that the local host organises all logistics in terms of catering and liaising with participants over payment and travel information.
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