WA Nature Quest

Sacha Boodja Sanctuary, September 15 – 23 2019

Join us in the expanse of WA’s outback for a beautiful Nature Quest on anient, sacred and (because it’s spring) wildflower-filled land as you journey deep into inner, outer and True Nature.

Many of us intellectually understand that everything is interconnected, but do we actually feel it? It is the birthright of every human being to come into profound appreciation of our inherent, fundamental interconnectedness and what that means for our role in this life. The Quest process initiates us into this way of being, rapidly removing layers that keep us in a perception of separateness and providing space for guidance and insight to be received.

The Quest process involves spending 4 days and nights in one sacred circle, fasting from all things familiar including food. You will go out with practices to cultivate presence, receptivity, universal energy and an open heart along with a beautiful directions ceremony. You don’t ‘do’ much at all, but a lot happens as your senses become more refined, the blockages to connection lift and you move towards your natural state. Of course nature is a great ally in this process, helping you become part of the team.

“The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and power to serve others.” – Joseph Campbell

Often people come to quest work when they feel ready to move into the next phase of their lives – sometimes this transition is voluntary, other times not. In order to do so, various intents can be brought into the quest. Often (as with the traditional vision quest), the intent is to receive a vision or other form of guidance of the individual’s purpose in this lifetime and learn how to be in service. Sometimes it is to move through an experience and come back into harmony. Sometimes it is to experience deeper connection with inner and outer nature. Whatever the call, you cannot go wrong in honouring it.

The value of people being able to find ways to offer their unique gifts to world, and overcome the doubts and wounds that present as obstacles, cannot be measured. We would be in harmony with each other, with the planet, if this could be achieved. So if I can offer this retreat process in service of this greater goal then I am truly honoured and grateful.

3 nights together learnings meditation, qi gong and ceremonial practices, discussion exploring the nature of purpose from a worldview of interconnectedness and preparation for the AllOne time
4 nights AllOne time – in a personal campsite without interruption or distraction, just being with inner and outer nature, listening, offering, receiving, letting go, letting come.
Return from solo on the morning of the second last day to share with the group and prepare for reintegration.

I highly encourage everyone to honour the reintegration time and leave as much room as possible for self-care, love and inward reflection.

Sacha Boodja, 2.5 hours east of Perth. This place is lovingly cared for by Mandakini and Rumi, experienced spiritual practitioners who were called to the land several years ago. A very special granite outcrop area, they took over the land from a farmer and are now overseeing its regeneration. It has a special feeling of a centre for healing of the land in this area. It feels to me like a place of healing and hope, enlivened by the love and care it receives. In many cultures, rocks are considered wisdom keepers and here they seem to remember how this land can be harmony. Many potential sites for your AllOne time exist with wonderful granite boulders and trees.


Exchange for the WoN teachings and support during your Solo, food during group time and use of the land
Ideally, for the non-financially-stressed: $1008
Early Bird: Before June 26 2019: $808
Regular rate: $909

If you are called to come but really cannot afford the full price at this time, please contact me to see if another arrangement can be made. I want these programs to be accessible to as many people as possible and will aim to offer one place at cost to someone who would truly benefit from it and not otherwise be able to come. We can also create a payment plan.

Limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

To secure your place please a $200 deposit is required. You can pay via paypal to womcreation@gmail.com or bank transfer. Contact me for bank details and to receive a registration pack.

All meals (organic as much as possible and vegetarian) for the group time are included. Fasting is recommended for the solo time. If you wish to bring food on the solo it is the responsibility of the participant to provide food during this time. More details on fasting and preparation are sent upon registration.

All participants must camp onsite for the duration of the retreat. Participants must provide their own camping gear. A detailed packing list will be provided upon registration.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions via womcreation@gmail.com or 0431980094. Note: From May to early June I will be on personal retreat, so please contact kerrydellagostino27@gmail.com

With love and hope for the future,

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