Rationale Behind Eco-Healing Meditations

I’ve begun running ‘eco-healing’ meditations in the Treehouse. These are focused on transmuting negative energy associated with a particular eco-system in trouble and manifesting a more harmonious future for the area, including all the beings, human and non-human, within it.

This lies at the intersection of Way of Nature WA and Treehouse Bodywork – recognising that we cannot heal the planet without healing ourselves, that in our inseparability, healing for the planet is healing for ourselves. The macro is reflected in the micro and vice-versa.

The rationale is four-fold:

  1. The direct effect – when we understand that everything is fundamentally connected and that our physical reality takes form from spirit/consciousness, of which our consciousness is an aspect of, by placing our awareness, intention and committing to shift our own negative beliefs about the situation, we cannot not create a shift, even though we may know exactly how this is will actualise.
  • Harnessing the power of the group – working together with a shared intention for the sake of serving greater than ourselves builds the power of that intention synergistically. My shamanic teacher says that people working together with ‘one heart’ attracts the attention and help of the compassionate spirits, which has appeared true to me. I also think having the intention witnessed by others help strengthen our own focus on it. We also assist each other in maintaining the worldview (which is at odds with the dominant worldview of society at large) where everything is connected and change in this way is possible.
  • We may receive guidance on what we personally can do to physically manifest the desired change. I like this one. I don’t think it is enough to simply intend for change to happen but we also have to listen to what comes back to us and what is our right action. Perhaps it is getting involved with a local action group or perhaps it is focussing on an element of own healing or something else.
  • Lastly I’ve come to appreciate to need to practice maintaining a positive state of being even in face of something painful. If we can’t bring ourselves to feel something we can’t transmute it. In the meditations it is not about thinking how much we don’t want something, it is about touching into the situation then intending the beautiful vision we hold for it. These meditations are important training in being a conscious, positive force in the world.

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