Weapons of Mass Creation Workshop Facilitation

Facilitation can be a transformational support to groups on their to becoming creative forces in the world. I am passionate about working with groups because there is alchemical magic that can happen when people work together aligned to a common cause. We truly can become greater than the sum of our parts and we need to harness this power in order to address modern challenges. 

My experience in facilitation began many years ago, emerging organically within roles I had in health, energy, infrastructure and transport sectors and especially when working in a stakeholder engagement and sustainability assessment role. I also developed a strong interest in social innovation and public sector innovation and upskilled myself with formal study in deliberative democracy and attended many shorter courses and workshops related to facilitation and innovation processes. 

Examples of my workshop facilitation experience:

  • Stakeholder and community engagement workshops, especially in relation to major infrastructure projects and policy development.
  • Design thinking
  • Workshops for project teams at key project stages – Project framing, strategy, planning and end-of-project reflection and lessons learnt. 
  • Options generation and options analysis workshops
  • Team values and culture development  
  • Co-design workshops
  • Deliberative world-cafe
You can download my facilitation resume here, or contact me for a free consultation session to explore how my services may benefit your initiative. 

Facilitation Powered by Nature

A unique feature of my facilitation is my ability to create meaningful processes that weave in nature, in large part thanks to my experience running immersive programs in nature and of course embodied knowledge through spending a lot of time in personal retreat. 

As humans, we do our best when our creative power is coming from deepest place possible. While deepening connection within the group and within the individuals themselves, embedding the process in nature and indeed even consciously including Nature supercharges everything. Nature may be a contextual support and also a respected participant.

Nature deepens our presence, our receptivity, and provides inspiration and wisdom. These are fundamental capacities to a truly meaningful deep listening or strategic planning process for example. Additionally, it is my belief that it is now imperative that we model ourselves on nature itself.  The crisis of our times calls us to focus on embedding generative patterns into our systems, which is precisely how nature functions. As humans begin to recall that we are in fact nature we can open ourselves to the teachings that nature provides. 

Some examples of how this may look in practice could include: workshops based at a venue in nature where participants are invited into their most centred, present and connected ‘peak state’  via meditative practices that work with nature; or a strategic planning process that includes listening to nature as a stakeholder and source of creativity. 

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