If there’s one thing I’ve learnt on my journey that informs how I go about designing experiences for others, is the importance of lived experience. We need to feel things first before they are really integrated as part of us. For true transformation is vital that we get deeply immersed in some form embodied experience. Us humans really like to believe our mind figures stuff out, decides what’s going to be good for us and then we make some changes. Reality is the mind is generally playing catch-up. 

Personally I do love high level conceptual conversations however I recognise that my process at least in this is surfacing what I already know as truth through having felt it!

I do run public programs – check these out at the Upcoming Events page – and I also run private programs for existing groups and organisations. I am super passionate about working with organisations in this way. There is true alchemical magic when a group of people choose to commit themselves to serving a common purpose. This is supercharged when this common purpose is explicitly about serving something greater than themselves. 

Nature Quests

A major reason for doing vision quests and Way of Nature (the lineage I offer the Quests in) programs is to discover your true purpose in service of life. For an organisation or an existing group who does some form of intentional activity together, questing can be extremely powerful in unveiling the deeper mission of the organisation and in cultivating individuals who have the clarity and resilience to commit themselves to this purpose. 

Quests can be adapted to suit the readiness level of the individuals involved and may range anywhere from an overnight solo to a full 4 night Quest. 

I also offer 1-day programs with a simple 1 or 2 hour solo time portion, which can be very useful in socialising the idea of a Quest as well as giving individuals a taste of the what is involved before asking them to commit. The Partnering with Nature program can also serve the same purpose.


Walking the Earth Journeys

Walking the Earth journeys take participants out on an adventure to explore what it truly means to be human. In this time where humanity is going through a collective initiation into mature adulthood, understanding the gift and responsibility in walking the earth has never been more crucial. 

As the name would suggest, it is a physical journey, making a pilgrimage through stunning natural landscapes. The level of physical challenge can be adjusted to a certain extent although part of the intent is to take participants out of their comfort zone. The action of walking provides direct teaching as it is a perfect metaphor for being on this earth and a mirror for the overall process of life. I have described more about Walking the Earth journeys here. 

Walking the Earth journeys are a great tool for developing teamwork, problem solving, emotional intelligence, awareness capacities and conflict resolution skills, all the while learning about deeper meanings of sustainability and responsibility. 

Preparing to walk in Borneo
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