Partnering with Nature

Partnering with Nature is a workshop that I offer to forward-thinking organisations who are moving towards embodying a sacred view of life in their practices in processes.

Collaboration and co-creation within the human social ecology is more and more being highlighted as best-practice in stakeholder engagement and social innovation fields.

But what if we realise and accept that non-humans have a beingness also? That with that aliveness comes the potential for dialogue if only us humans recovered skills and sensibilities that were commonplace before we were domesticated?

I draw on my training and practice through Way of Nature and shamanic work as well as my professional background in stakeholder engagement and strategy development to tailor Partnering with Nature workshops to suit the client organisation’s level of familiarity with these concepts and current challenges.

This workshop dovetails beautifully with a Strategy Journey in Nature.

Partnering with Nature training workshop in Borneo

Nature Connection and Awareness Training

One to four day programs

I utilise the fundamental Way of Nature teachings and my personal experience in bringing the awarenesses of the Quest into my everyday life, to provide a shorter program accessible to a wide range of people to reflect the diversity that exists within most organisations. The one or even half day version of this program provides a basic understanding of awareness and connection practices and principles. The longer versions enable participants to have a more deeply embodied experience of self-awareness, learning about blind-spots, discovering their role in relationship to Earth and relating these principles to leadership , as it takes our nervous systems usually 2 or 3 days to shed the disconnective patterns of modern life. 

This program is suitable for organisations looking for the health benefits of spending time in nature for their employees, combined with the benefits of mindfulness training such as improved emotional intelligence and resilience, focus and mental clarity. Participants will enjoy investigating different ways of using their awareness as well as learning about empathy and connection through nature.

Resilience Training

As the world enters the great transition, how can our organisations and existing groups we are part of become nodes of resilience and islands of sanity in turbulent times? Whatever next stage of civilisation we are entering into, if it is to be at all cohesive we need many existing organisations to continue to provide a holding structure for society at the same time as adapting and evolving significantly. This is not just in the types of services or products that are offered, but more importantly HOW we go about our work and how we show up for each other fully as humans. 

This program is designed to build capacity within your organisation to ensure that principles of resilience and generativity are embedded so that the organisation not only weathers the transiton but acts as a seed for new growth and thriving on the other side. 

Content draws from complexity science and living systems theory as well as Claire’s wellness and sustainability background as well as embodied nature-based practices and study of patterns in nature. 

native bees showing us the interconnected node pattern in nature
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