My training and immersions are designed to develop capacities which enable resilience, collaboration and deep listening to both the human and non-human worlds. They provide logical frameworks to scaffold people for sense-making about complex topics and are designed to help people feel safe, connected and empowered. The programs build capacity for navigating complexity and uncertainty while proactively moving to an intentionally transformed future. Nature itself is always moving towards ordered complexity that supports more and more expressions of life and my deepest intention is that all my offerings serve this purpose by helping move our human systems and behaviours towards generating more and more wellness and thriving for all the human and non-humans of Earth.
I start from where you, your colleagues and employees are at. I frequently hear questions along the lines of ‘sounds great and I agree it is needed, but how on earth do you bring this to an organisation?’

I have developed a range of offerings that enable beginners to engage, as well as advanced practitioners. Most offerings involve some component of time in nature however this can range from 30 minutes to multiple days. 
Partnering with Nature training workshop in Borneo


Benefits you can expect to obtain from the programs include:

  • preparedness and resilience for change, uncertainty and complexity
  • health and wellness
  • emotional intelligence, self-awareness
  • focus and mental clarity
  • empathy and connectedness
  • ability to shift brain states and skilfully use different kinds of awareness

Selecting what is right for you

An approach to integrating these kinds of subject areas into an organisation is to be selective about the offerings and combine perhaps a talk for a broader group, training and immersion for a smaller portion scaled to suit readiness. Likewise facilitation of decision-making or strategic planning can complement trainings by assisting integration into organisational practices.
Contact me to obtain a pdf outlining the range of workshops, programs and retreats in more detail. 

About the approach

As an experienced facilitator and nature guide, I utilise my experience and understanding of organisational contexts to offer unique and simultaneously practical programs where containers for individual and group learning are created. 

In terms of the deep nature work, I utilise the fundamental Way of Nature teachings and my personal experience in bringing the awarenesses born out of the Quest into my everyday life, to provide flexible programs accessible to a wide range of people to reflect the diversity that exists within most organisations. Even one or even half day versions provide a basic understanding of awareness and connection practices and principles. The longer versions enable participants to have a more deeply embodied experience of self-awareness, learning about blind-spots, discovering their role in relationship to Earth and relating these principles to leadership and systems change.  
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