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Covid-19 April update

Obviously there is a pause on gatherings at the moment. I am hoping that the Spring retreats will be able to go ahead but we will have to stay tuned to see how the situation progresses.

Excitingly, it is giving me the opportunity to bring forward some new programs. I had been in the process of reframing my work in terms of impending crisis and now we have one so I’m doing some further reframing and also rethinking about ways to convene online spaces with the same goals. 

Services will be more focussed on resilience and emerging from the crisis to intentionally build what comes next. The main public event will be a program I’m loosely referring to now as the Weapons of Mass Creation Rite of Passage – a multi-week online gathering for people wishing to step back out into the world intentionally as warriors for a future in harmony with our humanity and the rest of life.

Nature Quest WA 2020

September 5-13 2020
Sacha Boodja, 2.5hrs east and a bit south of Perth 🙂

Women’s Nature Quest SA 2020

South Australia, October 10-20. This program will involve some gatherings prior to the retreat as a way of building the group energy which can be joined online (i.e. you don’t need to be in South Australia). At this stage we are taking expressions of interest until we have a venue confirmed. Please contact Kate Gardner at Kate@thewholecollective.com.au for more information.

More 2020 events under development!

In the meantime you can express your interest in either a Nature Quest or Walking the Earth journey by emailing me at womcreation@gmail.com.

Quests and/or Walking the Earth journeys are in the works for Western Australia, South Australia and also possible in Tasmania, Borneo, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Nepal. As I undertake event planning it is useful for me to know where the interest is so please get in touch!

I also offer ‘wild quests’ for small private groups where we hike and use public land for questing. This requires a willingness for a greater dose of adventure and unpredictability. These are done on a gifting basis. Contact me to discuss further. 

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