“One’s purity of motive and clarity of intention, especially regarding a selfless desire to help lift suffering in the world, allows for the materialisation of a properly sustained image or thought form. Consciousness begets matter. Access to magic is only limited by our focus, by the sacred relationships we cultivate through our offerings, and by the loving intention by which we walk.”
~ Unknown

The fundamental task of the great transition we are collectively going through is to learn how to be on this earth;  how we can integrate the incredible achievements of the era of science and technology while coming back to a humbleness, respect and worldview based on our inherent interconnectedness with the rest of life. 

Walking the Earth journeys are an exploration of the fundamental principles of how to approach being a human on this earth. Modern culture has many dazzling gifts, but has failed dramatically at providing the glue to maintain harmony within ourselves, with each other and with the rest of life. We find ourselves at a point in history where exponential technological development is making it possible to plan a civilisation on Mars yet many have forgotten how to walk on this earth.

During our walk we will explore ‘Natural Law’, First Principles for living as an expression of Nature. This feels like a returning to living in truth, because nature is the truth of what we are. We will discover patterns in nature that can guide us in establishing generative creativity. We will dive deep into inner nature, outer nature and true nature and we intentionally use the process of walking and pilgrimage as a rite of passage. 

Each day will see the group engaging in awareness practices, developing relational capacity with nature, deep listening, time for solitude and personal reflection, as well as group discussion, sharing and learning. The teachings that come from the actual process of walking are also not to be underestimated, as with intention, walking can provide a training ground for how to be in life. We will dive deep into a fresh experience of beauty and reality that is opened to us through refinement of our senses and taste what it is like to live as an undomesticated human. 

Through entering into union, respect and reciprocity and gifting the land with our loving awareness and receiving the gifts of the land in turn, this is a fundamentally healing journey. 

Locations for Walking the Earth journeys include:

  • South West Western Australia,
  • Tsum Valley, Nepal,
  • Mt Kinabalu, Borneo,
  • Northern Thailand,

and may also include New Zealand, USA and northern Australia. Each journey will honour its place with cultural sharing and ceremony for the land.

I am currently taking expression of interest for a solstice/end of 2020 Walking the Earth Journey in the Southwest of Western Australia. Please contact me for further information.

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