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Way of Nature has played a big part in my personal development and also in what I offer through Weapons of Mass Creation. Way of Nature programs, such as the Nature Quests and Sacred Passages, are transformational, soul-nourishing, path-aligning, deeply restorative immersions. They certainly changed the direction of my life, as you can read in my story
The Way of Nature is all-denominational, centering on the common ground that connects the major spiritual traditions. The processes have been selected over decades of exploration and personal practice by founder, John P. Milton who was both a professional ecologist and grandfather of the environmental movement. He has refined a cutting-edge system for effectively working with inner, outer and true nature. The centre-piece of the retreats are solo time in nature, ranging from an hour or so on the day programs to 7-day solos on the Sacred Passages. Prior to the solo time you are guided through a series of easy to learn meditation and qi gong practices that work with the support of nature to open you to deeper levels of understanding and connection.
The Way of Nature has 3 core intents:
  1. To assist in the recognition of Source Awareness as the liberating, foundational nature of ourselves
  2. To open and deepen the experience of communion with all of life (outer nature)
  3. To help reveal our unique core purpose for coming into this life and how to fulfill that purpose
Throughout the time on a Way of Nature program, we work with Way of Nature’s 12 Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation. This gives participants a framework that can be taken back into life post-retreat to continue deepening into. These principles are based on the commonality between various traditions of spiritual cultivation and so form an inter-cultural platform that can provide a common language between people of different faiths. You can read about them (including my favourite, number 13) here.
I became a certified guide in 2014 and have been running regular retreats since then. You can connect with the Way of Nature WA Facebook page which will be updated with all my public Way of Nature offerings.
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